Post birth self-care: 10 practical tips

The concept of "self-care" can encompass different things depending on the person, and evolve throughout life. The important thing is to connect with what makes us feel good and make room for the most meaningful activities for us at that moment.

In the first weeks after childbirth, all (or almost) attention is focused on baby care: the days take on a new rhythm, and finding time and energy to take care of yourself can be very difficult.

This is why it's important to talk about post birth self-care !

1. Remember that you matter

After birth, you may or may not feel great. Remember that your feelings are valid and you are important: you too deserve care, love and attention.

2. Be patient

Especially during the first month, be patient and kind to yourself; give yourself time to rest, to get used to the news, to observe and listen to your child. You are both learning. 

3. Share

Sharing thoughts, doubts, joys and anxieties of the first few months with other parents or some friends, with a group of new mothers or simply with your partner and your family can make a big difference.

4. Delegate

During the first few weeks after birth, as much as possible, ask for help or delegate daily activities. If something isn't urgent, postpone it. Give yourself the opportunity to gradually find a new rhythm and welcome all the help you have available.

5. Take a moment for yourself

As much as possible, try to find a moment each day to dedicate only to yourself: a shower, a walk, three pages of a book, a song. Anything, however small, that makes you feel good.

6. Engage

In this historical moment more than ever, many stages during pregnancy and childbirth must be faced alone. Share immediately with your partner all the information and activities concerning the baby: the more he/she too will be involved and informed and the more both you and your boy/girl can count on his/her support and his presence.

7. Sign out

Staying at home all day alone with a newborn is not easy. Going outside is a great way to pace your day and lift your spirits. Every family has its own preferences when it comes to walking: stroller, sling, baby carrier... find the way that best suits you and don't be afraid to try something new. For some extra advice you can check out these articles:

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8. Be grateful to your body
Over the past nine months, your body has given birth to a person - it deserves care and gratitude. Respect your times to resume some activities (sexual, sports...), and schedule a visit to the gynecologist 40 days after birth to resolve any doubts and check that everything is proceeding in the best possible way.

9. Laugh
Life with a baby is challenging, unpredictable, and confusing. Luckily, you're in good company and it's possible to take things ironically to laugh about them.
Chat with the people you love, share what happens during the day with your partner, talk to your child, read and follow blogs run by other parents. Here are some links to our favourites:

> Shitmommy

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10. You have the right to ask for help
If you feel like you can't do it, ask for help. Postpartum depression affects around 10% of mothers and none should be left alone.
If you feel in difficulty or if it seems that your body is not recovering well, ask your partner, your family, your doctor for help, even if months have passed since the birth.

You can find other useful ideas to better enjoy everyday life with your boy / girl in this blogpost . You are not alone ♡

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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