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Tilla & other brands

Our collection features our signature Tilla Baby Box gift boxes and baby accessories, designed and produced responsibly in Italy with small, local manufacturers, ethically-certified companies and social tailoring labs, such as the D-Hub Atelier in Verona and Casa Sant'Angela in Arzignano.

Along these, we hand-pick the best items for mother and child care in Italy and in Europe, to meet the highest standards of safety, functionality, aesthetics and sustainability.

Read more about the brands with which we have chosen to collaborate.

Ethical and organic cosmetics

La Saponaria

La Saponaria is an Italian company that produces handcrafted organic cosmetics and detergents free from substances harmful to health and the environment, formulated with ingredients from an ethical supply chain in respect of the environment and people.

We immediately chose the 'Le Albicoccole' children's product line for our Baby Boxes because it is complete, effective and sustainable, perfect for the delicate skin of the little ones.

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Soft sustainable clothing

Baby Mori

Baby Mori is a British brand born from a passion for quality fabrics and offers super soft clothing and textiles, responsibly made with sustainable yarns. Every detail is carefully designed to cherish every moment of everyday family life.

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washable textiles

Imse Vimse

Imse Vimse is a Swedish company founded more than thirty years ago by a mother looking for solutions for the care of her daughter, with the aim of creating useful and quality products that could make a difference in the world. The collection offers washable textile products to minimize the environmental impact of everyday life.

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Sustainable games and accessories

Wooly Organic

Wooly Organic is a Latvian company that produces handcrafted games and accessories with an essential design, made with natural materials and organic fabrics free from toxins, pesticides and harmful dyes. Every detail is ecological and designed to meet the real needs of children and parents, from the 100% corn starch filling of the soft toys to the FSC certified packaging.

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natural clothing


Popolini is an Austrian brand that produces children's clothing and accessories using natural and certified materials such as organic cotton and wool, processed entirely in Europe.

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next to the mothers


Medela is a Swiss company that focuses its research on human health and in particular on that of mother and child through breastfeeding.

Medela's specific postpartum and breastfeeding initiation products are among the best in the world.

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Health & Safety

Pic Solution

Pic Solution is a historic Italian brand specialized in dressing products. Pic thermometers, gauzes and disinfectants are among the most widespread in Italy thanks to their effectiveness and reliability.

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ecological nasal aspirators


Nosiboo is a Hungarian company specialized in nasal aspirators born from the experience and dedication of two father engineers. Nosiboo solutions are innovative, durable and truly effective.

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Ecological and educational games

Oli & Carol

Oli & Carol is a young Spanish company specializing in the design of natural rubber toys for children, made from 100% pure latex from Havea trees. They are natural, ecological and biodegradable handicrafts made with food safe colors for children.

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feminine hygiene


Organyc is a complete line of feminine hygiene products completely made in certified organic cotton. Organic cotton pads are biodegradable, breathable, delicate on the skin and reduce the risk of skin reactions, essential characteristics for use after childbirth.

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Children are the focus


The 'Ettomio project: this is how I do it was born in Italy from the search for the perfect design, from the desire to find functional products, from the attention to detail and the quality of the materials.

Textiles and furnishing accessories are studied with an eye to design and maximum functionality, to satisfy the experience of use in every aspect, both for the child and for the parent.

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cuddles of nature

Le Tintine

The 100% natural collection of clothing and accessories for 0-6 years, handcrafted in Italy with natural dyes.

Le Tintine collections are the result of many stories of passion, of loving choices for the little ones and their future, and of respect for nature and the environment .

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newborn shoes in recycled leather


Be-ars designs and manufactures unique and original products, exclusively by hand, in recovered and recycled material to give new life to industrial waste.

The brand is the result of Beatrice's creativity, of her passion and of the work of hands, head and heart that tell a productive fabric made of knowledge and manual skills typical of Made in Italy.

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washable textiles made in Italy

Culla di Teby

Culla di Teby products are the result of the love of a mother and an entire family, which has been in the textile sector since 1957 and which produces and markets cloth diapers made in Italy .

Over time, the company has grown by expanding the collection to include ecological products for all women and our homes, which are increasingly greener.

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