Co-parenting (co-parenting)?

The upcoming Mother's Day offers an opportunity to address a topic that is very close to our hearts: co-parenting. What is that?

It is the collaboration and active participation of both parents in the care and upbringing of their children, and the coordination between adults in their parenting roles. In a nutshell, we're talking about the ability and commitment to parent together , regardless of the emotional bond that binds us to each other.

In every family with more than one parent, co-parenting exists, but with different nuances and balances. We would like to encourage you to think about your own way of living it, to enhance your strengths and confront yourself with new perspectives. To begin with… have you ever heard of it?

Fun fact: our Diary of precious everyday life is born from the personal experience of co-parenting! We have created the first schemes to keep track of the needs of our children, facilitate the sharing of information and encourage communication between us and outside (with the pediatrician, for example), in order to always be equally involved and updated.

We started reflecting on this topic by thinking about our daily actions , and we realized that there are families where each parent has his own specific tasks, while in others parents are interchangeable for all activities involving their children.

The division of tasks is not always the result of a dialogue, sometimes everyday life takes shape without us paying too much attention. By reasoning on this you may discover that there is something you particularly love and that therefore has become your exclusive task over time, or some activity that nobody is enthusiastic about but which out of habit always and only falls on one of you.

If your routine is super-established, to move your life a little you could talk about it and try to switch. If, on the other hand, you alternate without a fight in all aspects of your children's life, discuss the different ways in which you carry out the same activity: brushing your teeth or reading a book can be very different experiences for your children, depending on which parent is with them at the time. Telling everything you could discover something new and interesting!

Finally, a last point deserves time management : every parent, even on the basis of their own commitments, dedicates time to the family in a different way. There are those who have a lot and those who have little, those who claim the importance of quality time spent with their children rather than quantity... there is no universal recipe, but we believe it is important to find a balance that works for himself and his family.

If you've never broached the topic, with yourself and with your family, give it a try. It could prove to be an interesting topic of reflection and conversation! Are you aware and satisfied with how you manage your time?

For our part, we hope that the time, resources and energy you are dedicating to your family will always give you tenderness and fond memories!

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