In summer, more attention also in the car


As we told inarticle on children's right to safety in cars, this starts fromgestures that should be taken for granted such as fastening our seat belts, those of our children's seat and never leaving a child alone in the car. Awareness of the risks can help us to implement safer behaviors but it is possible to protect those we love most from possible forgetfulness?
In addition to the technological supports that can communicate if the safety devices are correctly positioned and if our child is still in the seat when we leave the car, there are some precautions that can be useful to prevent the most risky situations such as hyperthermiaa, the excessive increase in body temperature which infants and young children are more likely to encounter and which in this season requires greater caution, especially in the car..
The indications of the Ministry of Health and some precautions based on our direct experience explain how to maintain high attention and adopt preventive measures that can peacefully become part of the daily routine..

1. Do not rule out a priori that accidents can happen
How do you forget to fasten your seat belts or even forget a child in the car on your way to work or return home It seems impossible, yet it has happened and can happen even to loving parents, in any social and cultural background. Accepting the awareness of not being immune to these eventualities is the first measure to avoid them..

2. Keys out of the reach of children
To prevent a child from locking themselves in the car by mistake, always keep the keys out of their reach, especially when there is no one inside the car. For the same reason, once parked the car should always be closed, because it could happen that an adventurous child sneaks into the passenger compartment or trunk without a parent noticing and remains locked inside.tro.

3. Security call
To avoid the risk of possible cognitive blackouts, after the usual journeys with the child at home-asylum-work, for example the safety phone call before arriving at the destination is an easy habit to acquire and that can really help a lot: yes can call the other parent, a grandparent, a trusted person. A good time is immediately after leaving the child at school, perhaps telling some details about the child's entrance, about the menu of the day, about the people met on the way.tto.

4. Create an obligation to look at the rear seatoking
Child seats are often found in the back seat and it's easy to forget to take a look at the back before getting out of the car if there is no reason to do so. Purposely placing an object on the back seat next to the seat that will surely be used once at its destination, wallet, bag, backpack, computer can help to remember that the child is in the car and, in any case, creates the need to consider that part of the passenger compartment too before getting off. For the same reason it is useful to keep an object of the child on the front seat next to the driver's seat. guida.

5. Notification in case of absence
Whether the child is attending an outing, a play group, grandparent's home or babysitting service, receiving a phone call notifying the child's then-established absence ensures that the child is exactly where he or she should be and not in the car alone, for example. Not all services are able to cope with this type of request, but both grandparents and babysitters will be happy to help.mano.

In addition to doing everything possible to protect our children, we should not forget that timely intervention can make a difference even in situations that do not directly concern us, so if you happen to see a child alone in the car, especially in these hot summer months, it is good to call 112 or 113.).


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