The precious everyday life with a newborn


When a baby arrives, the days change and become a succession of new needs and habits that slowly find a balance. Even if time now has a different meaning than before, it is possible to find a rhythm, a daily life that respects the needs of the child but also those of the parents and be able to live the beginning of this wonderful adventure with serenity..

The routine of a small child is very different from that of an adult: meals are close together, as are naps and moments reserved for changing.You can have the feeling of living several days in one and never stopping. Everything changes from day to day, week to week, month to month, but even in the confusion of the early days there are some tricks that can really make a difference, simplifying everyday life for the whole family.

Go out

Even if it seems difficult to organize yourself, the baby and all the things he needs, leaving the house is good for both parents and the baby. It may not be possible to go out at the same time all the time, but a morning or afternoon walk can give rhythm to the day, help you take courage in managing the unexpected and become a truly beautiful moment to enjoy even in company.

To write

The many meals that a newborn consumes during the day, the pee, the poo, the naps, it is not easy to take care of the needs of another person, nor to remember everything and be able to share information with other people who take care of the baby; that's why writing can be used. A useful tool for new parents to take note of daily activities is thel Diary of precious everyday life: a notebook with tables, pages of encouragement and the answers to the most common doubts in the first weeks as parents, available for pre-order in our shop.

To share

During the first few months, mothers often spend most of the day together with their baby / toddler. Telling what happens to the father is a way to involve him and keep him updated, but also talking about it with friends, family or attending meetings for new mothers can be an excellent idea to discuss and, why not, feel less alone. In this period it is good to focus on caring for your baby, but the interaction with a small child is very different from that between adults: it is possible to miss the conversations that were previously the norm, so sharing the experience with other adults can be very important. .te.

Find time for yourself

In the first few weeks as a parent, it is difficult to find space for anything other than the baby. Especially if the energies are all dedicated to the child, however, it is important to allow yourself moments in which to have the luxury of thinking only of yourself. A shower, a walk, anything small or large that helps you feel good and connect with the person who was before you became a parent and who is still there, not to forget that their needs are also important.i.

To laugh
Always improve your life. In moments of particular fatigue, for example due to the change in the sleep rhythm that all new parents have to face, it raises morale and releases tension. The first months with a baby are a very emotionally intense moment, so a little lightness and irony are essential. Reading a funny book, following a few blogs that tell about parenting in its nicest aspects and engaging in amazing conversations with your baby are all opportunities to have a laugh and find some perspective even in difficulties.à.

If the early days seem insurmountable, you can't find the strength to laugh and the feeling of not making it takes over, you can ask for help. Becoming a parent is not easy, sometimes a kind word or the support of an expert is enough to improve the situation but in some cases it may not be enough: postpartum depression affects about 10 of mothers and none should be left alone. The goal of every parent is the well-being of their child. To reach it, however, we must not forget that mom and dad are the baby's point of reference:: if the parents are well they are able to use the best resources to make their child feel good too, within a positive and welcoming context for all family members..


Photo byDakota Corbin onUnsplash

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