Reading:a good habit from an early age

Books are one of our great passions and there are many reasons to talk about reading for and with children. From birth, reading to the child is a pleasant activity for both the parent and the baby, but not only: it is important to stimulate the development of intelligence, language and affectivity.tà.

We share the 10 reasons that the programBorn to Read proposes us from the child's point of view to make reading a good habit right away:

1. I like it
The child likes to be in his arms and listen to the voice of his mother, father or a loved one who is reading him a story. Research shows that addressing the little child with lullabies and nursery rhymes, whether sung or spoken, communicates something important: I'm here, I support you, you can count on me.

2. We stay together
Time spent reading together is quality time, it helps lay the foundations for a solid and positive relationship.
3. I'll remember that
The stories we read to our children become part of the family imagery that we share with our loved ones throughout our lives, but they are also a source of examples and analogies that the child can draw on to face small and large personal events..
4. It's good for me
Children who come into contact with reading early acquire more skills to learn to read and write more easily. When they go to school they will have richer language and a greater ability to maintain attention and concentration..
5. I fall asleep better
A bedtime ritual that includes a soothing story helps the baby relax and fall asleep peacefully.
6. It's different every time
Reading a book is a way to learn about the world through topics, characters and events that reveal themselves from time to time with atmospheres and events to be explored together.
7. Once again
As reading becomes a part of a child's life, it will often require the same book several times. Rereading a story you already know is a necessity: you are looking for new information, reassurance and confirmation.
8. Another book
Proposing books of different types means offering affective, social and relational cognitive contents. In this way the child is educated in comparison, diversity, surprise and novelty.
9. The figures
The images provide a parallel reading with respect to the text, stimulate the gaze and the imagination by involving the reader at different cognitive and aesthetic levels..
10. I ask you why
From each story other stories and a thousand questions are born that enrich life.


    For further information and advice on how to introduce reading among family activities:Born to Read - 10 good reasons



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