Anti-abandonment devices - how and which to choose?

Mandatory on all child seats for children up to 4 years of age, the anti-abandonment devices on the market can be grouped into 3 main categories:
1 Devices that only work via appp
2 Devices that work with a cigarette lighter socketi
3 Devices with keychain / tokenn

THEdevices that work via apps they are the most common and are generally slightly cheaper, they work by connecting to the smartphone and would seem an excellent solution for those who are used to using the phone daily. There are however two important points to consider: they may not fully comply with thelegislation, which requires the device to work without user intervention if the operation requires a bluetooth connection, for example, it is not necessarily activated automatically and could create difficulties for people less used to using smartphones.e.

THEanti-abandonment devices that work with a cigarette lighter socket they are practical and work autonomously once installed: there is a cushion that goes on the seat and an accessory that goes into the cigarette lighter and provides an additional USB socket to attach something else eg. battery charger. The only precaution is to check whether or not your car cuts the power from the cigarette lighter when it turns off, as well as keeping in mind that you must always remember to deactivate the start & amp; stop.. 

THEkeychain / token devices they also include the bearing, to which a key ring is associated. Once connected they go automatically; when you leave with the car keys the key ring rings. You can also install the app for added security but it is not mandatory.

In Tilla Baby Box we have thought about what our needs are and we find that this type is the most practical, as well as respecting the legislation and being suitable for any user. We have identified only two producers:Tippy, which works with the app and sells the keychain at a total expense of about 90 e e Mymi (cost 70.).

We took the latter, we tried it and it works both with seats with belts and with those with pillows: unlike other models, it provides the possibility to replace the batteries, essential to extend the life of the product as much as possible. ; the only critical point is that it is not very easy to find in the store and is available online with somewhat long shipping times, at the limit with the legal obligation of March 6.

For more useful tips on car safety when traveling with children, you can readour post on children's right to road safety and ongood habits to avoid dangerous forgetfulness.

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