5 words we didn't know before we became parents


In some ways, becoming a parent is a bit like starting a specialization course: you enter an area in which there are references that are difficult to grasp if you are not an expert and a rich specific terminology..
Some words we thought we knew have taken on a different meaning, others have become part of our daily vocabulary even if we were completely unaware of their existence before. We have collected 5 words that become in common use when you are expecting or having children who, if this is not the case, you will need to broaden your horizons and be up to any conversation on the subject!!

1. Budget
It does not concern accounting documents, but visits to the family pediatrician. In fact, health checks are scheduled visits at a specific age closer in the first years of life that serve to monitor the psychophysical development of a person from 0 to 14 years.i.

2. Load curve
It sounds like a building design term, but the blood glucose curve is one of the tests that is commonly done during pregnancy. It is used to measure the concentration of glucose in the blood before and after ingesting a sugar solution and is useful for screening for gestational diabetes.

3. Spacecraft
Some actually have the appearance of spacecraft, but this word refers to modular transport systems for babies and identifies the part also called a crib or pram that can accommodate a baby from the first days of life.vita.

4. Baby egg
For those born in the 80-90s, the Ovetto is a moped. When one becomes a parent, on the other hand, also in this case one speaks of modular transport systems that see him next to the stroller and carrycot, which can also be used as the first car seat.to.

5. Muslin
Muslin is nothing more than a cotton fabric made with fine yarns. Its soft hand and its breathability make it particularly suitable for textiles for children and with muslin we usually refer to the light towels that are used for changing the baby.è.

These are just some of the words that we have discovered new meanings since our children were born, who knows how many others we will encounter during their growth!
Photo byRomain Vignes onUnsplash

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