Simply father

To look at parenting from the point of view of fathers let us take up the reflection ofMatteo Bussola, cartoonist, writer, architect, but above all dad.

His reaction to the article dedicated to fathers who decide to take the time to participate more actively in the care and education of their children, to those fathers who may struggle to have parental leave to enjoy a joy that is also theirs and, why not, to be next to their companions in a delicate moment such as post partum in which new mothers are often abandoned and alone, released at the beginning of the year and in which he is cited as the progenitor of the pancini fathers, is a perfect response to the cultural prejudice that relegates affectivity, loving kindness , the care and presence in things from women and mothers.e e da madri”. 
The article in question jokingly reflects a prejudice, unfortunately extremely deep-rooted, which assumes that children, especially when they are small, belong to the mother. The mother takes care of them, the father, at most, helps her. And if it does a little more then it becomes a mammo.o”. 
A father who claims the right and the possibility to participate in the growth of his children is simply being a father” Compass writes, and remembers his radio show I Padrieterni which plays precisely on the fact that fatherhood is the only profession in life from which a man can never resign. Once you are a father, you will remain one forever.pre”.
We are happy to start sharing some pieces of the life of fathers who are fathers. Without additional terms to legitimize the will to be present for their children.



Photo byDerek Thomson onUnsplash

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