Parents on Valentine's Day:love each other in the corners of daily frenzy


Becoming a parent makes you more empathic and quick to analyze situations, science says it, but if these skills are particularly useful in working life, sometimes it is the personal sphere that requires the greatest effort. Remembering that we are men and women, before moms and dads, and not forgetting to love each other requires commitment and can be a great challenge, so: game on!

You remember how you were before the arrival of those wonderful little creatures that upset your existence The moments of relaxation sprawled on the sofa, the romantic outings, the messages on the cell phone peeked at the office, the hours spent laughing with nothing else to do but love you.marvi.
Life as a couple was studded with moments of spontaneous intimacy..
Now on the sofa he collapses after putting the puppets to bed, romantic outings require a very meticulous organization and communications during working hours almost always concern children: if they ate, if they slept, if you go and get them, if they were happy to go to school this morning..

Whether you are one of those couples who have found new harmony in caring for their children, or whether the routine absorbs all your energy leaving you tired and often a little confused, being a parent requires the use of cunning and creativity even in the life of a couple, because opportunities must often be sought and created, in every fold of the confusing daily life of the family.e.
Valentine's Day reminds us how difficult a romantic dinner out becomes if it falls on the night when the rest of the world is out for dinner too. But we don't focus on the problem! Full speed ahead to remind us thatthe time and space to love each other are very important.

The escamotagee
Going out as often as before having children is objectively difficult. But why give up the precious intimacy that lies behind a shared meal, without interruptions, savoring the words, the looks and the attention of the other. We are creative. Children have lunch in kindergarten. Take a lunch for two. They go to bed early One evening every now and then give up dinner all together and postpone yours until after bedtime.nna.   
The small gestures
Even if one of you is doing the dishes and the other has the laundry basket balanced on one shoulder, hug each other from time to time. Just like that. Between housework, going out to work, brushing your teeth in the evening. Take a deep breath and hold tight for a second..
The words
At the beginning of the relationship is a shower of I love you: you write, you say, you sing. Then many lose their habit, it all becomes a bit obvious but love must never, never be taken for granted. If you are lucky enough to share the wonderful roller coaster of parenting with another absorbed soul, remind each other that you love each other at every turn, a little for fun and a little to give voice to the strength with which con cui every day you continue to choose yourselves.


To all of you, happy Valentine's Day


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