It takes patience to become a father

From the moment you discover that you are expecting a child, every moment is growth, preparation, waiting. Often you really only realize what is going on after birth, and even then you are not so sure what that means. having become a father.

Even if you have done nothing but talk to your belly in the last few months of your pregnancy, your baby doesn't instinctively recognize you. Your son recognizes mom. Before he realizes that a dad also exists, it takes time, and even more will pass before he recognizes you with that sound: "pa-pa".

Then the desire to escape from time to time creeps in, from this role that does not seem to be indispensable at all, that mom is enough and advances. And you don't run away like in the 50's comedies, putting on your hat and saying I'll go down to get the cigarettes and whoever has seen has seen. No.. We escape by taking refuge in the role that society often assigns us, that of a sort of accessory, the one that is good and if there is no patience.a. The one who works while the mother takes care of the children. Which is what we find easier, to work, because we already know how to do it. Whilebe a fatherit's a whole other thing..

Fathers sometimes struggle to understand the storm of change that does not involve their bodies, to keep up with pre-delivery courses and directions given in the hospital, in a ward from which men are excluded.
But it can't be an excuse, it just means we need to do more and better.

In short, it takes patience and commitment to become a father. From that I am pregnant to the night when, many months later, your child will instinctively wake up calling dad instead of
But that moment, those two simple syllables pa-pa will be worth everything.o.

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