The art of diaper changing:from the changing table to acrobatic operations

A newborn bathes at least 5 diapers a day if not, he is probably not getting enough milk and it would be good to consult the pediatrician. Whether you have chosen to use washable nappies, or disposable ones & amp; throws compostable if possible !, the moment of change is one of the things that most put new parents in difficulty but do not worry: there is a lot of practice!ica!
Training is essential, but to start here are some tips so that in a few months even the most clumsy can turn into real nappy-ninjas:

  1. Before starting the operation, think locally and prepare everything you need: a spare diaper, towel or wipes if you are away from home, any soothing cream, a basket or a waste bag. If you can choose to place the changing station next to a sink, this will be easier.e. 

  2. Keep these things close at hand, never, ever leave a baby alone on the changing table or any raised floor!

  3. If you find that you have forgotten something fundamental, pick up the baby and carry it with you, or ask someone for help. We repeat this because it is of vital importance: never leave a baby alone on the changing table or on any raised floor!

  4. Not everyone knows that ... you don't necessarily need a changing table to change a diaper! A spacious bed or floor can work great. In cases of extreme necessity even the pram can work, as well as the stroller or the car seat: the important thing is to keep the child safe and spread a clean sheet before starting, such as one of the organic cotton muslin included in our kits for the exchange. You can find them in Little thought dedicated and in the box with theEssential.

  5. Do not annoy the baby more than necessary: remove the clothes so that the diaper is accessible, there is no need to completely undress the baby unless it has produced an exceptional amount of poop happens often, true story. Also remember that a newborn's head is very delicate and therefore, if possible, it is preferable to choose clothes that open and take off easily without stressing it.a.

  6. Try to move calmly and always make the same gestures. It sounds trivial, but over time it will help your child understand what you are doing and give them a sense of security.

  7. Talk to the child. Tell him what you are doing, sing a song. Even the diaper change can become an opportunity to build a bond with the little one you are taking care of..

  8. As the months go by, the baby will get impatient. When he starts to move and grab things with his hands it will be a good idea to entertain him with some games while you change him a small toy to nibble on, or a mobile hanging over the changing table to distract the eye can help.e Tilla Baby Box more complete you can find one that is designed just for this, it is also available to orderhere).

  9. Don't get distracted. Telephone, television, even a person talking to you can distract your attention and at least make you position the diaper upside down.

  10. We do not remember if we have already told you: never leave a baby alone on the changing table or on any raised floor!!

Babies often manage to have perfect timing and produce record-breaking diapers at the least suitable times, such as when they have just been changed and are wearing the last clean onesie because the laundry has not yet dried. Think of it this way: You are acquiring a phenomenal ability to cope with unforeseen events without losing heart. 

P.S. In order not to forget even a change, a feed and other important moments in your baby's days, take a look at theDiary of precious everyday life!

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