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The platform that hosts our site, Shopify, offers us the possibility to calculate the CO2 emissions related to the transport of the orders we ship and to compensate them through forest conservation projects managed by the technological startup Pachama you can learn more in this article in English. We cannot yet eliminate the emissions that are inevitably produced during the transport of our orders, but for now we can balance them by investing in other actions that have a positive impact on the atmosphere, such as planting trees.i.


Because it's important?

The impact that an activity has on the environment is a set of many small actions and decisions that weigh on the total. Some of these depend directly on us, as in the case of the choice of materials used for theshipment of orders: Tilla Baby Box products arrive in your hands in sustainable packaging, mono-material recycled paper, cardboard, corn starch and easily recyclable or compostable in domestic separate collection.tica.

Air pollution related to transport of orders, on the other hand, requires particular attention: the road to reducing the emissions produced is still long and, while waiting to be able to take advantage of sustainable means of transport and lighter shipping services, that of compensation immediately seemed a useful solution and immediately effective.ace.


What it means to offset CO2 emissions?

When an order leaves our warehouse it is entrusted to one of our trusted couriers to reach its destination. Unfortunately, road transport continues to be a significant source of air pollution because, for the vast majority, it uses fossil fuels that do not come from renewable sources and in turn produce emissions that are harmful to the environment. 

Offsetting CO2 emissions is not a magic recipe to make online orders completely sustainable: we are aware that this is not the definitive solution to climate change, nor an alternative to the actions needed to reduce polluting emissions..

However, we believe that it is important to do everything possible to improve the current situation, and that this is a step in the right direction: we compensate for what we still cannot eliminate and we are happy to think that from today our products travel with the heart a little more. light.

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