Giving back is the new black: our take on the Black Friday

Every year we ask ourselves how to face Black Friday and by now we have understood that a day of running for the cheaper bargain is not for us.

We like to imagine you while you browse through the boxes in our online shop, wondering which products will be most suitable for your needs, lingering on the details to customize. We believe that a purchase is the end of a journey: the confluence of conscious choices and affectionate attention to those we love most.

On our end, we are committed to dedicating the right time to each order, to selecting the best products for our children and our planet, to taking care of every small detail and to do our best for those who need it most.

There is plenty of special offers for our customers throughout the year: once a month, our newsletter reaches your inbox with reserved promotions and lots of surprises for you and your loved ones. 

The fervor surrounding Black Friday, however, has given us an alternative idea: Giving Back Friday. What does it mean? Giving back is the new black, for solidarity is always in fashion: from Friday 27 to Monday 30 November 2020, with every online purchase you will donate an organic cotton bodysuit with kimono opening to the Caritas Women's and Family Desk (Vicenza), which will distribute them to new mothers to whom it provides assistance.

This, in the grand scheme of things, is a small gesture. We are not asking you to buy just because it's Black Friday.

We are asking you to stay with us for many, many Fridays; to continue browsing through our products, asking for information and expressing wishes. To choose with your heart an ethical, responsible and valuable purchase, which we hope will be part of your life for a very, very long time.

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