How do we choose the books for our boxes?

Reading is one of our great passions and, when the time came to select new titles for our Baby Boxes, we began a search to find those most suited to the needs of the little readers who will receive them.

All Tilla products are designed to be used in the first months of life and grow together with families: our hope is that they can become part of your daily life, that they are used, loved and lived with joy and vivacity until they are most needed.

We even hope that at that point they can be useful to someone else!

That's why, in this case, we favored sturdy cardboard booklets over volumes printed on thinner pages.The small hardcover books published byFranco Panini Boys with the adventures of Giulio Coniglio, wonderfully illustrated byNicoletta Costa, they seemed perfect to accompany younger children at different times of the day: sleep, bath, snack…

Reading a book is a way to learn about the world through topics, characters and events that reveal themselves from time to time with atmospheres and events to be explored together. The family imaginary that is thus being built will become oneimportant source of examples and analogies that the child can draw on to face small and large personal events and which will help him develop logical thinking, language and affectivity. If you are curious about the benefits of reading at an early age,here you can read the article we published a few months ago about it.

We often like to remember that the time spent reading together is quality time, and that during growth this can be enriched with new stimuli and interesting activities. We have granted an exception to the hardcover booklets, ideal during the first years of life: for the boxesEssential,Selection isPrime dedicated to families where there are older brothers / sisters, in fact, we have chosen a beautiful coloring book, with lots of games and stickers to discover the animals of the world together with theWWF.

This album, like all the hardcover books that you can find in the other boxes, was printed in Italy and, moreover, it is made with certified paperFSC from responsibly managed sources.

We hope that the new books know how to keep you company and become precious friends with whom to share many happy moments. Enjoy the reading!

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