The story of a woman who chooses to put her career aside once she becomes a mother because it is not possible to find a balance between work and family commitments is precisely the one I would not want to write. It seems a century old, yet it is still that of many.e.

I myself decided to leave my job after the arrival of my daughter, partly because I wanted to dedicate myself to a new project, partly because motherhood has led me to redefine a work situation that is difficult to reconcile with the new rhythm of my life..

Reconciliation between life and work. A constant in the stories of many mothers I've met in the last two years: for some, as in my case, motherhood has become an opportunity to start a personal project. Others, on the other hand, after an initial reorganization, began the search for a new occupation, perhaps less in line with individual skills and aspirations, but more suited to the needs of the family.a.

At the end of the day, what everyone's stories have in common is thatan eventordinary ispredictable in life, that is, the birth of a child takes on the characteristics and scope of a crisis.i. Because?

Every worker is, first of all, a person. People have needs, interests and relationships that go far beyond the workplace and that evolve according to the events and changes that are part of life. One of these can be, for example, becoming a parent. Not taking this reality into account negatively affects not only workers, but also the businesses and society they belong to..

Starting from these considerations, from my personal experience and from the encounter with those of others, the Corporate Tilla Baby Box Plan.

Tilla Baby Box Corporate is a projectdedicated to companies that tells about social responsibility, attention to the environment, the recognition of the value of parenthood and the commitment to a way of conceiving work that is more equitable and life-sized.ta. Some of these themes will be central in this collection of articles on Corporate Social Responsibility CSR or CSR, a column that opens today and that is particularly close to my heart: whether or not they decide to take action in this sense, in fact,i, companies have the great power - and therefore the great responsibility - to make a difference in the lives of all of us.

The hope is to arouse and nurture interest in a fundamental topic for businesses, for society and for each of us. I hope that we will leave, from time to time, with some new conversation points, a healthy itch to delve into the thorniest points and the inspiration to share, at work and in daily actions, the responsibility to make a difference..


Margherita Barin
Founder of Tilla Baby Box

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