From the Finnish Baby Box to the Tilla Baby Box

Tilla Baby Box was born from me, Margherita, mother of a wonderful little girl since 2017. The moment I got pregnant, the revolution began.

But the story of the Baby Box begins much earlier.

The idea of the birth kit in a box originated in Finland, where the creation of the Baby Box dates back to the early 1900s in response to the high infant mortality rate. Providing families with a cardboard box, usable as a cradle, with everything needed to properly care for the newborn was a way to provide families with practical help and guarantee a safe place for the baby to sleep.bè.
The tradition has become part of the nation's cultural heritage and is still alive today, despite the infant mortality rate being among the lowest in the world: in Finland, in fact, every family in which a child is expected receives a free Baby Box. by the state.
The rumor has spread. The growing awareness of the prevention of SIDS in cradle death has transformed the Finnish Baby Box into an international symbol of the protection of motherhood and childhood, an expression of the value that parenthood has within society and the desire to deal with the issue of the safety of mothers and children as everyone's responsibility.i.  

Tilla Baby Box is based on the same principles: a society in which having children is a value, not an obstacle, is a society that can grow over time, made up of serene, fulfilled and happy people. When I became a mother I began to realize how difficult it was to find a balance between family, work, myself. For the first time I looked at other mothers who go out of their way to balance private life, profession, family and I started thinking: That's who runs the world. Determined to make choices that would allow me to do my part as a mother, as a woman and as a human being, I quit my job and took over this project.o.

Thus was born Tilla Baby Box, thecollection of ethical birth kits isuseful products to simplify everyday life, carefully designed by selecting sustainable high-performance products: a service to parents and in particular to mothers, so that none of us is ever alone.

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