The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR or CSR is particularly dear to me because, as I underlined inla opening letter to this collection of articles,the very close relationship that binds companies to society enables them to make a difference, in a positive or negative way, in the lives of all of us.

The idea of corporate responsibility finds its first real space around the mid-twentieth century, when we start talking about it at an international level. The awareness that the decisions and actions of the directors of the company have repercussions on the life of the entire population, in fact, makes it reasonable to think that they can hold themselves and be held responsible for their actions well beyond the traditional evaluation of profits and losses. This perspective has also been strongly supported by the European Union, which has repeatedly highlighted the interdependence of social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns, placing them at the basis of its global strategy 1.obale (1).

The overcoming of economic performance as the only parameter and the enhancement of people have contributed to an even more precise definition of CSR according to four different levels of responsibility: economic, legal, ethical and discretionary philanthropic 2.2). Responsabile is a profitable company, which complies with legal obligations, acts ethically and concretely supports the members of the company..

Social Responsibility, therefore, is not just a theoretical framework, but a practical approach. But if the importance of the economic as well as the legal dimension is intuitive for any non-bankruptcy business, what is the potential of the ethical and social aspects Is there a connection between social responsibility and market power Already in 1960 Keith Davis argued that there was a link between tra responsibilityispowersuch that the two things had to go hand in hand:the more power a company has, the more it should be responsiblee. Avoiding responsibility, in the long run, leads to an erosion of power 2.2).

If the ethical and social dimensions are able to influence financial performance, they could offer tools capable of entering the value chain and generating new competitive levers.iù intelligent, as well as just 3,), a strategic approach to CSR could be the key to long-term success?

We will answer these questions, but not only them, in the next articles.



(1 Renewed EU strategy for 2011-14 on corporate social responsibilitye
(2 B. Carroll Corporate social responsibility: Evolution of a definitional construct, Business Society 1999999
(3 Marina Salamon only companies where people are happy will be able to live long, Alley Oop 16 February 2017 2017


Photo byPaula Prekopova onUnsplash

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