#I stay at home

In our 60sqm apartment we made room for a mini-desk to avoid cluttering the dining table with computers, chargers, keyboards and paperwork. The new table, like everything it now houses, was thoroughly cleaned before being admitted into the house.

Housekeeping, these days, keep us a lot of company. Hygiene is key and the further positive is that manual activities help keep both our mind and our children busy: we are taking advantage of the stay at home for some extra washing take care of normally ignored corners such as light switches, doorknobs, remote control, cell phoneslari…

Another great way to pass the time is to cook. Usually we dedicate a few free moments to cooking during the week and a few more at the weekend, but now we are giving vent to all our love for culinary art and involving our family in the preparation of the dishes that our grandmothers taught us: gnocchi , the wraps, the apple pie older children enthusiastically participate, the younger ones benefit from the fantastic scents that spread throughout the house.. Sharing a lot of time and little space with the whole family isn't always easy, but being together is a bit reminiscent of the holidays and helps keep your heart light..

We are not always close to each other, someone has yet to go out for work and so we have set up very strict safety protocols to minimize the risks: away from home responsible behavior is the rule, while to get back in it is required to completely undress on the threshold, to leave clothes in the farthest corner and run to wash your hands, face, beard if any..

The days go by, even if the calendar doesn't have the same weight as before and sometimes the days get a little confused. Before or after dinner we reserve a moment for friends and relatives: we call each other, we video call, we share photos and stories to laugh together, share what is happening and keep us company..

In the evening before bed, worry peeps out from time to time between the folds of fatigue. We try to welcome it gently, with humanity, reminding ourselves that we are doing what we can and that even now we have much to be grateful for in life.

We are learning to be all close, even if we are far away, and to recognize ourselves as equals. We hope we never forget it.


Photo byElla Jardim onUnsplash

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