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Tilla Mobile

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"Have nothing in your home that you don't know is useful or you think is beautiful." William Morris

Handmade mobile to hang over the changing table or cot. Light fabric elements dance suspended from a wooden structure and make the nursery a magical place. This handcrafted mobile is made of cotton and wood: natural, sustainable and safe materials.

Each mobile has its own personality, its history and its humanity. No two are alike, but the artisanal production means that all the pieces are born different from each other, unique, changeable, sensitive: none are perfect.
Each mobile is a unique piece, as each child is unique and special.

+ Hadcrafted, single piece, several color variants
+ Handcrafted in Italy, made to order in 10-15 days
+ Optional grift wrap
+ Free with Mum & Baby Prime, Baby Routine Prime, Siblings Prime, Nursery Prime baby boxes

Mobile made with untreated beech wood and fine cotton fabric, upcycled from Italian fashion and design companies, padded with cotton wadding. Packaged with care in a FSC reusable cardboard box, diam. 21 cm. Learn more about textile upcycling and the impact of your purchase >>

Our Tilla Baby Box Tilla Mobile features:

The craftsmanship of objects made with love

Tilla mobile is proudly handcrafted in Italy by our seamstress Silvia who volunteers in the Casa Sant'Angela tailoring workshop , helping others to learn basic sewing techniques.

This workshop is held with Casa Sant'Angela volunteers and it is and it is a precious opportunity for joy and sharing. It allows those who live in distress, loneliness or find themselves in conditions of social fragility to access a welcoming context in which they can learn new skills, useful both at home and to expand employment opportunities.

The workshop breathes new life into upcycled textiles and the smiles of its artisans, upcycling unused textiles from Italian fashion and design brands.

The wonder in our children's eyes

The fabric elements that hang from the mobile are round and different from each other, made of 100% cotton: monochrome or two-tone, hung vertically or horizontally. The colors of the fabrics and the simplicity of the shapes make the mobile suitable for the perceptive abilities of newborns babies: this object is a decoration for grown-ups and an interesting view for children who, lying on their backs on the changing mat, can observe it curiously.

Natural, safe and sustainable materials
Elements: cotton (or mixed fabrics in some color variants) and cotton wadding.
Structure: natural beech wood.
Ribbon: cotton

This product is packed in a 25x25x8h cm paper box

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