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Guidebook for new parents "Buckle Up!

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"The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend." Robertson Davies

Tilla Baby Box guidebook for new parents collects the advice of experts about new mothers and new babies’ safety and health, along with useful numbers, links and lots of information for mums and dads to begin with joy the great adventure ahead of them. The guidebook is only available in Italian and it will not be included in your order unless requested, we are working on the English version and it will be available soon! Thank you for understanding!

+ Made with pediatric advice
+ Always keep at hand

28 pages notebook in 16x24 cm format printed in color on FSC certified recycled paper (300 g cover and 120 g internal pages), stapled binding.

Our Tilla Baby Box Guidebook for new parents "Buckle Up! features:

Our values
By choosing Tilla Baby Box you purchase products with high performance and reduced environmental impact while supporting our social and environmental projects (learn more about our impact here) who receive it as a gift can learn about our values ​​through the pages of the Guide, and appreciate a gesture that goes beyond the material act of giving: it shares the responsibility towards present and future generations.

Useful and reliable information on the health and safety of mom and baby
Becoming a parent also means that you will be learning a lot of new things about pregnancy, birth and the first few years of life. We work with a team of experts, we rely on the guidelines of the most authoritative health institutions( Ministry of Health, World Health Organization, Italian Society of PediatricsAmerican Association of Pediatrics) and on the activity of local health promotion and prevention programs (Programma Genitori Più, Nati per Leggere) for gathering the essential information a guarantee a safe star in life to all new family members. Some simple information can really allow moms and dads to make a difference in their children's lives.
Useful resources when feeling lonely 
Having a baby is not a piece of cake - it's a revolution and it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Knowing that other people share the same experience is encouraging, and practical support can help you facing the challenges within this wonderful adventure.
Some pages are just for mums: we support you, we stand for you and we are there for you.
References for in-depth information and emergencies
The guidebook collects numbers and links that may prove useful both before and after birth, such as the references of Italian hospitals that offer toxicology services and information about drugs that are allowed during pregnancy and breastfeeding. In addition to these, we listed emergency numbers and assistance services, as well as a few online information sources where you can learn more about the health and safety of mother and child.
This is a resourceful handbook that you can always keep at hand.

The English version of the Guidebook will be available soon. It won't be included in your order unless requested in the notes. If you'd like to receive the Italian version please write so, it can be included for free in all the wooden Tilla Baby Boxes, whether if you’d like to add it to another product you can browse the collection and buy them together!

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