Social and environmental

Tilla Baby Box is an ethical start-up that pursues goals of solidarity and sustainable development.
Together we can make a difference.

Responsible quality

We work for people and for our planet

Il nostro impegno si concentra principalmente sulla diffusione di modelli di consumo e produzione sostenibile, sulla promozione della centralità del benessere della persona, su progetti di uguaglianza, inclusione sociale, emancipazione e occupazione femminile, di sostegno e valorizzazione della genitorialità. Il 5% del nostro fatturato finanzia progetti dedicati alla formazione e al sostegno delle donne e delle famiglie più fragili.

Tilla Baby Box offre prodotti da vivere ogni giorno nel rispetto dell’ambiente e delle persone: una scelta fantastica per bambini e genitori, portata avanti con amore e responsabilità. 

Active projects

Donation of baby clothing and accessories to the woman and family counter of Caritas (Vicenza), which distributes them to mothers who need them most.

Buy a donation box here

Social tailoring workshop in Casa Sant'Angela in Arzignano, Vicenza, a project committed to women empowerment and training. Professional seamstresses volunteer to share their skills with others, in a welcoming environment where women can feel safe and supported. The fabrics we work with are upcycled from surplus stocks of Italian fashion and design brands, where they no longer have a purpose.

Periodic donation to the Italian Civil Protection fund "Always with you" intended to support the families of doctors and nurses who have lost their lives due to Covid-19 while carrying out activities to fight coronavirus.

30+ boxes
donated in 2019

150 organic cotton sleepsuits
donated in 2020

100+ mts of fabric
upcycled until today

Fair Trade

We carefully select our suppliers and business partners, engaging realities with which we can share the responsibility towards people and the world in which we all live.

We like short and transparent production chains, companies with a low environmental impact that ensure fair and dignified working conditions and care about the well-being of the workers.


Our textile accessories are  designed with love and proudly handcrafted in Italy, made in two social tailoring workshops which breathe new life into upcycled textiles and the smiles of its artisans, providing opportunities to underprivileged people.

The fabrics we use come from surplus stock of Italian fashion and design brands, where they no longer have a purpose.

Cotton fabrics
are transformed in our beautiful textile accessories

Mixed fabrics
are used for our Furoshiki gift wraps

Scraps and remnants
become ribbons and decorations for our gift wraps

Environmental sustainability

Dalle scelte progettuali aI TRASPORTI

Less is more

We care about everyone's future, so we are committed to preserving the environment in which our children will grow up and to help other parents do the same.

I prodotti Tilla Baby Box sono progettati con in mente le persone che li utilizzeranno, in modo da essere utili nella vita quotidiana delle famiglie.

Tilla Baby Box products are designed with people in mind, so they are practical, durable and user-friendly. Every detail is designed to offer exactly what you need, avoiding waste. The essential design and a careful eye to usability are among our most precious gifts, because in addition to helping you reduce waste, they allow you to free up energy to devote to the most important things in your life.

Ethical and sustainable textiles

We pay particular attention to the choice of natural fabrics and raw materials from organic farming (certified when possible).

This is an environmentally responsible choice, but it is also very important when it comes to items that come into direct contact with children's skin, such as detergents, clothes and linen: our collection features mostly organic ingredient and fibers (cotton, wool, bamboo) from certified suppliers and recognized standards such as GOTS, OEKO-TEX e and OCS.

Tilla signature textiles accessories are made with upcycled fabrics, in a circular and low-impact production system. 

"Light" materials

From products to packaging, we like natural materials, renewable sources and responsible management.

Our wooden boxes are made in PEFC certified wood and they are not painted, but only polished. All the paper we print on is recycled and FSC certified,, the same goes for our paper boxes, while the logo on our cellulose fiber labels is laser engraved without using inks or solvents. 

We use mono-material packaging (recycled paper, cardboard, corn starch) and easily recyclable (or compostable) at home. We do not use plastic, except by recycling what we receive, and we ask our suppliers, when possible, to do the same. 

Carbon neutral shipping

Our website hosting service allows us to calculate the CO2 emissions of the orders we ship and to offset them through forest conservation projects , managed by the technological start-up Pachama (learn more in this article on our blog).).

We cannot yet eliminate the emissions that are inevitably produced during the transportation of the orders, but we can balance them by investing in other actions that have a positive impact on the atmosphere, such as planting trees.