Mom, I have a stomach ache

Children are fine if they know how to tie their shoes.
If they can sleep in their bed, managing to face the dark.
If they taste the foods they don't know, and allow "the other" to enter. If they can fight to make peace, and fight again, without the adults getting in the way.
Children are fine if grown-ups take space, but don't force them.If we are men and women, before being fathers and mothers.
They are fine if they feel content, if the decisions are made by adults, and they do not entrust their lives to them. If they can be free within solid boundaries.
Children are fine if they can get dirty from head to toe.
If they learn that mistakes are necessary in life, and they don't shatter us, just the opposite. That competition is not an added value.
They are fine if we talk to them and treat them as children as they are, but not too much. Sometimes we have to raise the bar and sometimes lower it.
Children are fine if they are not everything to us. And we, to make them grow, we must be a little less for them. To stand on the sidelines, to allow others to enter.
Children are fine if we don't justify them all the time, explaining the difference between good and evil, between being able to be and appearing.
They are fine if we don't lie to them, but we accept that they do: it is the way they have to separate from us and test us.
They are fine when we talk to them about life, the days that go by, grandparents aging and the future that exists.
They are fine if we do not seek ours in their life. When we take them by the hand and every now and then we loosen our grip, but we keep our eyes long.
Children are fine if mom and dad kiss and hug, and remember how to make love.
Children are fine when we don't care about the time we are with them, but we use that time to feel good.
The children are fine if we let them. And only if we are fine. But we already know this.


From the project "Mom I have a stomach ache. Somatization in the child" byDr. Alice Mecenero and ofDr. Alice Xotta


Photo byAaron Mello onUnsplash

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