The right of children to safety in cars

The safety of children is a top priority for us: on the occasion of two important days, the 18th(Day of Remembrance for Road Victims) and November 20(Universal Children's Day), we would like to return to the paragraph found in the Keep yourself strong manual, you are about to have a child who accompanies our Tilla Baby Boxes and share some ideas on the right to safety in the car.o.

We report, thanks toParents More, an extract from the statement of the European Commission of 20 November 2018:“Every child has the right to grow up in a safe and stimulating environment, free from any form of violence, abuse, harassment or neglect. It is our collective task to do everything possible to ensure that these rights are respected and guaranteed everywhere and for all children. We are convinced that investing in children on their way to adulthood is above all a moral duty towards them, but also an essential contribution to guaranteeing a better future for all of us. On this day, therefore, we reaffirm our commitment to redouble our efforts and call on all partners worldwide to help ensure that no child is left behind in the future.tro.

Making sure that the environment and the tools are adequate and avoiding any form of negligence is not only a responsibility towards our children but towards the community. In 2017, 25 road victims were under the age of 14, and 8,396 children were injured, often permanently disabled. In most cases they were not properly secured to the seat or were seated next to the driver in a totally vulnerable condition..

This year the government launched the campaign “Children in the car”, for“solicit and involve the world of adults on the need to ensure children - always and correctly - with suitable restraint systems during car journeys, whether long or short”.

The campaign recalls the basic rules of conduct for the safety of the youngest passengers on the road:

  • Always use the seat. The child should never be held in the arms, even for very short journeys
  • Purchase the most appropriate device and make sure it is approved
  • Use the devices best suited to the size and age of the child, even in the first months of lifea
  • Install the seat in the correct position
  • Bear the baby's screams, but always fasten your seat belts
  • Yes to plush! No to lollipops!

Ensuring the safety of children while traveling by car means protecting their safety and the future of each of us: it is our duty as individuals and as a community.


Photo bySharon McCutcheon onUnsplash

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