You have just brought your little one home and you are wondering if you should go out for a walk. It is too early The outside temperature is pleasant or it will be too hot If there is no sun you will need to bring an extra blanket And if once you have gone out something fundamental is left at homecasa?

Surely it is important to adapt the child's clothing to the temperature and atmospheric conditions, remembering to do the same for yourself, the walk should be pleasant for everyone!!).

If you feel a little hesitant, start with a short tour and proceed gradually, bypassing the busy streets where the concentration of pollutants is greater. During the first weeks of life, your baby's immune system is more vulnerable and, in general, it is useful to pay attention to changes in temperature: if the temperature of the environment changes, be careful to dress and clothe your baby accordingly. .za.

But let's get to the big dilemma: what to bring with you?

Over time it becomes very fast to take the necessary and go out, but at the beginning a small list can help to fill a large bag with several compartments, perhaps organizing everything in cotton bags, and face the first outings with serenity:

  • 1 complete change
  • diapers
  • biodegradable wipes
  • muslin / linen
  • light cover
  • tissues
  • wetbag / small bags
  • bonnet
  • an extra layer in case of sudden weather change

If you are feeling brave and want to take a longer trip, bring some extra changes and don't forget to think about meals if you are breastfeeding you won't need anything else, but it might be useful to think about a snack for you!. Finally, during this period, before going out, remember to apply sunscreen! For the delicate skin of your little one you can find some specially formulated, perhaps with natural ingredients and from organic farming.

Going out helps to give rhythm to the days and to lift morale Diary of the precious everyday life?). Time spent outdoors is precious and everyone has their own preferences when it comes to walks: stroller, sling, baby carrier first times may seem complicated but it soon becomes an indispensable habit.le.

Most important of all is this: breathe and smile, everything will be fine.


Photo bySteven Abraham onUnsplash

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