Courtesy visits after birth

The arrival of a baby is one of the happiest, most important and tiring occasions in a family's life. Whether it is the first child, a little brother or a little sister, it is right to celebrate the event with enthusiasm and joy. With our advice for courtesy visits after birth, you can show all your affection in an elegant and appropriate way to the situation..

    1. Be brief. In the hospital, in the clinic or at home, a quick 10 or 15-minute greeting is perfect for congratulating new parents without being intrusive.

    2. Wash your hands and do not touch the baby. Newborns are able to bring out the most tender part of each of us, but during the birth preparation courses for expectant mothers it is explained that in the first months of life the immune system of their children is still forming: a loving gesture it could unintentionally have serious consequences. For the same reason it is better to postpone the visit if you do not feel in full health.

    3. Make yourself available. The first few days at home with a baby are anything but easy and parents are often so focused on their baby's needs that they forget their own. Take the opportunity of a greeting to bring something ready to eat and opt for wholesome foods, perhaps homemade, prepared taking into account the tastes of the people who will eat them. If you go to the baby's house do not behave as if you expected to be served but make yourself available: roll up your sleeves and, if the degree of confidence with the new mother allows it, make tea, wash the dishes, vacuum clean, hang out, ironed. This is the perfect opportunity to show your love and support with a little practical

    4. Respect the baby's pace. A little one of a few days has a totally different routine than an adult: be flexible and willing to adapt to the indications of mom and dad regarding the best time to go home or go out together. Do not be offended if you were asked to postpone or wait: the unexpected events in life with a newborn are the order of the day and in the meantime you can show your closeness in less demanding ways, such as a phone call or a message..

    5. Choose a gift suitable for the child. If you wish to express your happiness with a gift to the newcomer, take into consideration his abilities and the delicacy of his perceptual sphere. Natural fabrics, soft colors, high quality products destined to last over time are the best choices. If you don't know where to start, you are in good hands: in the collectionTilla Baby Boxdedicated to the newborn you can find perfect thoughts for every spending budget. A useful article that will surprise new parents The Diary of the precious everyday life!

Each parent reacts to the arrival of a child differently and, especially for the mother, the first months can be complicated; if you have children you can remember how the beginning of the adventure was for you. In this delicate period, even the balance of family relationships and friendship change: if you know how to act with your heart and a little common sense, your bond will be more solid and you will be the object of sincere, profound gratitude..


Photo byMichal Bar Haim onUnsplash

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