Celebrating the birth with a gift:the ABC to choose well

You are about to become uncles: your sister, cousin, best friend is about to have a baby and you can't wait to shower your baby with love and giftsali?

No fear! Choosing a gift for the birth of a baby can be complicated even for those who already have experience as a parent, with a little effort and some advice you will be sure to make an excellent figure.

If you do not have children, you want to be the uncles always on the piece who give the child the first iPad, and you would like to accept an advice: forget it. Imagining what life is like with a child and living with a child are two completely different things. Before becoming parents, everyone gave their friends some things to their children that if they had received them once their children were born they would have ended up in the most remote shelf of the garage, not the iPad, that would surely have been used by mom or dad!à!).

A good place to start is not to think of the child as an isolated individual, but to look for a gift that can happily fit into the habits of the whole family. If the child about to be born is not the first child, for example, keep in mind that the house in which he will live is most likely already suited to his needs, equipped with everything necessary for daily activities and that it would be a great idea to do a small gift also to the older brother or sister, to make this moment even more special by involving them fully. Our Tilla Baby Boxes dedicated to the arrival of a little brother or sister are designed exactly with this intention and are available in the format Prime,Selection,Essential isLittle thought to adapt to every budget and need.

If the baby is the first in the family, the possibilities are endless. Whether you wish to do aLittle thought or if you have the availability for a more important gift you can find many ideas by browsing ourBaby Box. Avoid, if possible, digital devices and sound toys. Experts advise against screens of any kind before 18 months and, in any case, the sensory sphere of a newborn is incredibly sensitive: it is easy to overload it with too many colors, lights, sounds. If you have some love for new parents, maybe you should do them a favor and not provide tools to overstimulate the baby..

Books and games that can support the child in his growth, however, are always adequate. Keep in mind that during the first few months of life, the baby is constantly changing and is building his way of interacting with the world.The optimal gift could take into consideration the needs of the newborn baby and also accompany him as long as possible in his development, until it becomes why not! a precious memory to be preserved over time.o. A box like theEssential Baby Care it is perfect in this sense, since the products that are part of it are designed both to be a valid help for parents in the first, complex, months after birth, and to stay by their side for a long time with details to be attached to for life .

Finally, an always valid choice is to opt for something agile and useful, like theDiary of the precious everyday life. This solution allows you to avoid necessary but not very personal gifts, and will surely prove to be a welcome surprise. Finally, you can ask mum and dad directly what they need: pay attention anyway, because if this is their first child, perhaps they too will find themselves a bit confused. A funny book, which treats parenting in an ironic way, can be an excellent companion for moments of quiet relaxation and help new parents not to feel alone, while our collection Baby 0-12 months offers many opportunities suitable from birth to at least the first birthday, with accessories for daily activities that will please both the child and the parents.

One last piece of advice Choose with your heart: only in this way will the gift carry a piece of you with it and will be able to express all the affection you have for those who receive it. 





Photo byNynne Schroder onUnsplash

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