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"Love is attention” Susanna Tamaro

A notebook for new mothers and new fathers, to help them taking care of their babies in the first months of life. This diary helps keeping track of the baby’s needs and daily activities, it includes the answers to the most common doubts after birth, pages of encouragement for new parents and 94 customizable schemes (one per day) to easily organize and share information. The diary is only available in Italian, we are working on the English version and it will be available soon. Thank you for understanding!

+ Made with pediatric advice
+ Extra space to write down medicines and other important details
+ Add it to a Tilla Baby Box!

Printed on FSC-certified recycled paper, 64-sided A4 21x29.7cm (300 gr cover and 120gr pages), staple binding.


94 Daily schedules for recording feedings, changes, naps and other activities
A chart a day to write down what happens in the baby's life, keep tabs on meals, pee, poo and all the most important things. The schemes are agile and customizable, in order to adapt to the concrete needs of the whole family.
Answers to the most common doubts in the first weeks of a baby's life
Parents' recurring questions at the beginning of the adventure concern basic wellness needs. The Diary offers a collection of useful information to solve these questions and interesting food for thought.

Pages of inspiration and encouragement for new parents
The first few months with a baby are a very busy time. When all the energies are focused on the child, a kind word to mom and dad can make the difference, make a smile and cheer up even in moments of extreme fatigue.

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Printed on FSC certified recycled paper, 64 sides in A4 size 21x29.7cm.

The images are for illustrative purposes, the products are those indicated in the descriptions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anna S.

Fantastico questo libro! Utilissimo!!!!

Vera S.
Un alleato preziosissimo!

Il diario è un alleato preziosissimo! Appena rientrata dall'ospedale ero stravolta ed impacciata, il diario è stato davvero indispensabile!


Il diario è UTILISSIMO! Mio marito ed io lo stiamo usando per annotare le poppate, i pannolini, le medicazioni del cordone ombelicale....davvero super utile e ben fatto!

Chiara D.

Bellissimo poter annotare tutto quello che succede al tuo bambino dalla nascita in poi! È uno strumento utile, ma anche un ricordo per il futuro

Annalisa B.

Una vera manna dal cielo... quando le poppate e i cambi pannolino sono così frequenti, la memoria a volte ci tradisce... con questo diario inveve no!! Tutto appuntato!! Non riuscirei più a fare senza!


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