Valuing people at work and in life:Discovery's commitment

Elena Santambrogio,VP People & amp; CulturesDiscovery, tells how at the center of life in Discovery are the real stories and needs of the people who live in the company. Recognize its uniqueness and implement initiatives that respond to concrete needs, such asl Corporate Tilla Baby Box Plan, is part of the commitment to create an environment in which they can truly feel good, a fundamental element in attracting and retaining talent..

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Discovery is a leading media company in quality entertainmenttto. Its relevance and influence in the sector is evident. Yet it knows how to go beyond mere turnover, looking at People. What underlying philosophysttoto this realityto? What factors are critical for long-term success?

Discovery over the years it has grown and transformed a lot without losing focus on two fundamental principles for us: the global mission Power Peoples Passions and the commitment to support our people and their needs - at work as at home - recognizing their uniqueness and awareness that these are constantly evolving needs.ione.

Real people and their stories are at the center of our content as well as of our life inDiscovery.


How muchit is important to focus on People

For us it is essential, we would not have a business without!

I am deeply convinced that the relationship between company and people has evolved and should be more like an alliance.The awareness that today a company must be chosen is the basis of initiatives like thisa (adhesion to Corporate Tilla Baby Box Plan, ed) that help us attract and retain talents.

Authoritative research has shown what we have known for a long time: When people are given support to improve the balance between family and work life, they are also happier and more productive in the workplace..

When we are well, we function better and do not look for ways out..


Take initiatives that meet the real needs of your employees. Give us some examples?

The emphasis on reality is very important: every initiative comes from real requests and must be sustainable in terms of the involvement of our people, who play an active role in the organization and management..

The initiatives are many, varied and free and often arise on the initiative of our employee resource groups. The Lifeworks & amp; Discovery's inclusion includes wellness-related activities such as yoga in the office, art therapy and massage, programs to support physical health - such as mapping of moles and flu vaccine and mental and physical well-being A service that offers specialized counseling on issues of health and emotional wellbeing, work, career, support for change has always been available in the company..

The family is also at the center of our adoption assistance program: we reimburse part of the costs incurred for adoption, always with the spirit of giving real answers to real problems.

We also know how to have fun: a tub with colored balls to dive into is available in October on the occasion of Mental Health Month!


Let's focus on parenting nowto. You give them value also through adhesion to Corporate Plan of Tilla Baby Box. A bit counter-current compared to the common feeling that still lingers today, we read of companies that hinder motherhoodnitto/ paternityto). 

I am a mother of two children, I work and often have to travel. I know how much non-traditional time I spend on my work and how important it is to spend time with my family. I am the first sponsor of all the initiatives present inn Discovery. Also in this case we talk about reality:our Smart Working policy has no limits on days and times and goes beyond the concept that work must always be carried out from 9 to 18 in a specific physical place.

This allows people to be able to organize their work more flexibly and have more time to dedicate to their families and beyond.

And again: every year we give our employees a day in the company with their families. This year we went even further by organizing a fun day in an amusement park!
Parenting at the center: import news for social and emotional fathers and parents is on the way.


Whyisyou immediately felt akin to the Tilla Baby Box project?

One of our global guiding principles is PURPOSEFUL: we invest in the communities in which we live and work, we take care of our brands, our audience and our planet.We do well by doing good. The values of Tilla are in line with the values ofDiscovery.


And from the sustainability fronttoenvironmental as you are moving?

One of our Employee Resources Group, GreenD, has a green mission dedicated to respecting the environment even in the office..

We have eliminated plastic from our offices, each employee has a water bottle available and we have promoted a recycling awareness campaign for responsible management of waste in the office.

For us, sustainability is also important when it comes to mobility: our offices in the city center of Milan and Rome can be reached by public transport and we encourage the use of bikes through a Bike Challenge program..

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