Tilla Baby Box

Baby upcycled cotton bags

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" Take care of things and they will take care of you” Shunryu Suzuki

Tilla Baby Box baby upcycled cotton bags are made to protect and organize your baby's first changes in the maternity bag, and they make a wonderful addition to any bag: you can use them to keep clothes, diapers and accessories clean and tidy. These bags are proudly handcrafted in Italy, made in a tailoring workshop which breathes new life into upcycled textiles and the smiles of its artisans. Use them, wash them and reuse them: they will stay with you and grow with your family, preserving the wonderful things that are part of your life.

Who makes your accessories? Learn more about textile upcycling and the impact of your purchase!

+ 100% upcycled cotton
+ 100% handmade in Italy 
+ Perfect for maternity bags and diaper bags!
+ Free gift: a set of labels with every multipack

Tilla upcycled cotton pouch, responsibly handcrafted with side string or drawstring, 25x30 cm. One piece or multipack 3 or 5 pcs.

Our Tilla Baby Box Baby upcycled cotton bags features:

100% upcycled cotton
We upcycle cotton fabrics from the surplus stocks of Italian fashion and design companies, giving them a second life and powering a circular and low impact production system. These pouches are proudly handcrafted in Italy in a social tailoring workshop, and they are all different. Furthermore, the availability of the fabrics we use varies continuously and often only a few pieces are made with the same material.

Who makes your accessories? Learn more about textile upcycling!

100% Safety and care
We know that, when it comes to baby products, elegance is nothing if one can’t rely on safety and practicality, so we wash all fabrics before using them and we always choose delicate colors, suitable for frequent washing.
Choosing cotton bags instead of the plastic ones to organize your baby's first clothes is an act of love, even greater with these Tilla Baby Box cotton bags.

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