Together we can make a difference

Tilla Baby Box was born from the experience of parenthood and relies on the belief that every child has the right to a safe and sustainable start in life.
We are a team of people who live and work with their hearts. As parents and as professionals we believe in a shared responsibility that gives us all the opportunity to make a difference.
We personally select, design and test the best products for mothers and babies. We place equal attention to both environmental impact and performance, because we know that durable and reliable equipment can help you saving time and energy for your family.

The choices we make for ourselves and for our children also affect the lives of others, so we partner with individuals, companies and non-profit organizations to try and make a difference, together. The projects we support are mainly focused on women empowerment, social marginalization and enhancing the human dimension in the work culture.

People in Tilla

Founder, relentless mum and designer

After graduating in Philosophy and specializing in Industrial Design, she worked in interaction design, communication and graphics, living in Milan and Verona. She created Tilla Baby Box at the end of 2018 after spending most of her maternity leave researching baby products for her little one and thinking about the social and work situation of Italian mothers. She then took a leap and left her job as a designer in a fashion multinational to focus on her daughter and this project.

"As a mum I try my best to provide a healthy, safe, pleasant and sustainable environment for my daughter. I wish the world would be more human and that having children would be a value, not a penalty. Why Tilla? Because my grandmother's name is Bertilla. When she was little she used to tag along with her grandmother Teresa, who was a midwife: they would visit new mothers to check on them and the babies, but they would also bring food, clothes, anything they could. My grandmother taught me that if you love someone you've got to take care of them, feed them, be there for them. There is a lot of my family in Tilla Baby Box."

Communication and digital

As a child she wanted to be a music journalist, then she specialized in marketing and digital communication working mainly in online commerce. Curious, creative and methodical, she is a beautiful person 365 days a year who loves to use words to convey important values ​​and has the gift of shooting them straight to the reader's heart. In late 2019, as she revolutionized her life to give her family more space, she fell in love with Tilla Baby Box and has been ever since.

"The overwhelming enthusiasm of all the people working on this project made me feel at home right away! There is always time for a chat or a smile, even on the busiest days: Tilla is a second home, a team where you learn something new every day and you can share it with others. It is nice to know we work with the same ethos and believe in the same values, like sustainability and human relationships."


She is a teacher who decided to pursue her passion for sewing and to share it. She takes part in designing and prototyping Tilla's accessories and without her our beloved Mobile realizzate dando nuova vita a pregiato cotone recuperato. È una delle sarte volontarie che hanno messo a disposizione la loro competenza per avviare il Casa Sant'Angela tailoring workshopand since she had her son in 2019 she become also one of our most loyal customers!

""Sewing makes me happy. Sharing my passion with others is a truly great and seeing the smiles of the women who attend the workshop while we work together and we learn something new is an incentive to carry on this project with ever more determination "


Journalist, blogger and radio speaker, she is enthusiastic about life and curious about humanity. When she's not working on a new article or writing for her blog Capolettera, she creates content for advertising, moderates meetings, presents events and books. Super active mom since 2017, she is always looking for interesting people to interview and good stories to tell; she immediately became passionate about Tilla Baby Box and since March 2019 she lovingly takes care of its press relations.

"Amo veder sbocciare germogli. Amo veder sbocciare progetti. E quando le due cose si incrociano in maniera così naturale, non posso che gioire. Nel 2017 è nata la mia Gemma. Nel 2019 ho incontrato sulla mia strada una Tilla appena nata. Mi prendo cura della vita di una. Mi prendo cura delle relazioni dell’altra. Ed è entusiasmante vederle crescere e lavorare per far loro trovare il posto giusto nel mondo."

Thank you

Tilla Baby Box is special because of the people who share their time and effort to make it grow and thrive. We work with a network of trusted advisors, many of whom are longtime friends, who allow us to dream down to earth by sharing their expertise in economics, pediatrics, logistics and legal. Not all of them can be mentioned, but their contribution is essential for the stability and prosperity of the project. A special thanks goes to them: they are the demonstration that together we can really make a difference.