The Tilla Baby Box Corporate Plan offers the opportunity to celebrate births and the value of parenting with an ethical and useful gift. A service to families that promotes a corporate culture centered on the person and on social responsibility. Designed to simplify the life of new parents,the Tilla Baby Box kitsthey are designed with care and contain a selection of functional items, with low environmental impact and from certified ethical supply chains, useful from birth to first birthday and beyond.
Membership is a source of value generation for client companies in terms of:

+ Corporate social responsibility and CSR sustainability) 
+ Enhancement and involvement of collaborators 
+ Diversity and inclusion
+ Promotion of your brand
+ Reputation improvement 
+ Respect and recognition of the corporate identity 
+ Modular investment



+ Personalized content, discover oursselected brands
+ Engraving / printing of the company logo 
+ Instructions for use for all products offered 
+ Insertion of informative / institutional company materiale)
+ Gift box 
+ On-site or home delivery
+ Progressive concessions and discounts

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