The birth kit for your baby, exactly how you want it.

If you are preparing the kit to welcome your child and you want oneFully customized Tilla Baby Box, or you are looking for a unique gift to celebrate the birth of a special little person, our bespoke packaging service is the ideal solution.

Tell us your vision, our experience and our careful selection of products are at your disposal to make the Tilla Baby Box of your dreams. Together we can create a complete birth kit, perfect for the needs of your family, but also a small box to fill with the most precious memories. We will be happy to help you organize the first changes for the hospital and the accessories for the nursery, as well as to make a unique and unforgettable gift for you.

+ Personalized content,discover our selected brands
+ Engraving of the child's name
+ Instructions for use for all products offered
+ Parents Guide "Hold on tight, the adventure begins"
+ Gift box

Would you like a tailor-made project to celebrate births in the company Discover the Corporate Tilla Baby Box Plan.