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The free Tilla Baby Box resources are agile and open source tools designed to simplify everyday life. Here we collect the printables shared in the monthly newsletters: you can consult the files, print them and save the resources you think are most useful!

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Zero waste face / body scrub recipe Coffee and Honey
An exfoliating and moisturizing pamper to prepare by reusing the coffee grounds, to allow yourself a moment of relaxation and absolute lightness.



What do we do today? Indoor activities 0+ months 
5 ideas for new mothers and new fathers, for finding inspiration during the first months at home with your baby, even when you feel short of creativity.

Printable numbers for a DIY advent calendar 
Download and print the numbers if you don't feel like writing them by hand!


Legend of washing symbols
To always keep at hand to take care of the clothes and accessories we love, making the textiles of the whole family last longer.

How to quickly fix your childproof home
A checklist designed for grandparents and uncles, to have a grandchild-proof home by quickly reorganizing the environment and managing to secure it whenever necessary.

Weekly menu planner
It comes in handy as soon as children start eating at school (from daycare onwards), to keep track of the school lunch schedule and plan balance dinners accordingly. 



List of useful numbers
To be filled in and kept in view just in case! There is space to add other important references as well, for example the number of the nearest poison control center: the advice service on drugs allowed in pregnancy and breastfeeding can be useful to quickly resolve any doubts. You can find the updated list with the contacts of poison centers active in Italy in oursguide for parents Hold on strong, the adventure begins that accompanies allBaby Box Wood.

Golden rules for the daily safety of the newborn
When a baby is born, there are many important things to keep in mind for his safety, here are 5 fundamental points to never forget during the first weeks together.



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